Boulevardier Bottled Cocktail

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What is a Boulevardier?

The Boulevardier is known as the Negroni's cousin. The gin from a classic Negroni is substituted for whiskey.

We've made an Australian version using a bitter, herbal aperitif (red okar) made from native botanicals. The red okar has a balance of herbaceous, bitter flavours with subtle sweet notes.

Bottled Cocktails

Expertly crafted cocktails without the hassle. Spend more time sipping on small batched cocktails with friends and family instead of mixing drinks in the kitchen.

We've sourced the best ingredients to bring you great cocktails conveniently packaged as a single serve. Store in the fridge, pour into a chilled coupe glass or into an old fashioned glass over ice. Add a twist of orange and voila! Your cocktail is ready to drink.

Ingredients: Whiskey, red okar and sweet vermouth

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